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Google Drive is a cloud storage and synchronization service. It is also the home for all things Google, including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings, Sites, Maps and more.

Why?  Google Drive keeps all your files sync across devices, so you’ll always have the latest version whether you’re at home, at school, or on the go. Plus, it allows you to create and share documents with others, so you can collaborate with one another.

Goal: Learning this skill enables teachers and students to organize files, access important information, and collaborate with ease.

Tags: ISTE Educator Standard 1: Learner, ISTE Educator Standard 4: Collaborator, ISTE Educator Standard 6: Facilitator, ISTE Student Standard 1: Empowered Learner, ISTE Student Standard 3: Knowledge Constructor, ISTE Student Standard 6: Creative Communicator, ISTE Student Standard 7: Global Collaborator, SAMR – Augmentation, SAMR – Modification

This tool is especially great for: All Google users

Necessary Knowledge: Before completing this badge, you should know, or have completed the following badge(s):

*Please note: the content of the video is still accurate, but the aesthetics have changed in Google Drive.  Please see the screenshots below for the updated view of the “New” button and updated Sharing Permissions.

*This is the updated “New” button to add files and folders.
*This is the updated view when you share a folder or file.


*This image shows how to update the sharing permissions without sharing to a specific person or group. In order to copy a link into an email or LMS, you will select the bottom section of the sharing permissions “Get Link” and update it appropriately.

Additional Links and Resources:

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Organize your files in Google Drive

Find files in Google Drive (advanced search)

Task to complete:

  1. Sign into (we recommend bookmarking it for easy regular access).
  2. Create a folder in Google Drive.
  3. If you have not done so yet, upload an item from your computer to Drive (this can be any file type- a picture, PDF, etc.).
  4. If you already have files stored in your Drive, take some time to organize your files into folders.
  5. “Star” important files and folders for quick access, and color code any folders that you want to stand out.
  6. Practice using the advanced search in Drive to locate files quickly.
  7. Share a file so “anyone with the link can view” (you can create a blank new Document to share for this purpose if you want).
  8. Go to your “Shared With Me” folder and add any documents you need to access more than once to your Drive, and organize it into a folder.

Evidence to submit:

  1. Upload a screenshot of your Google Drive using the submission attachment buttons below. Make sure the picture includes color-coded folders. Please note, you will need to include text in the submission box. You can type your name or “submission attached.”


Pitfalls to avoid: Avoid searching too long for a specific file- use the advanced search option if you are searching for a document for longer than one minute. Work smarter, not harder!  

Create folders and keep your Drive as organized as possible. It’s easy for it to get out of control quickly!

Don’t forget to add documents from your “Shared With Me” to your Drive if you need to access them more than once.

  • Download Google Drive on your smartphone and/or tablet, so you can access your documents on the go!