Adobe Spark: Page

Adobe Spark: Page

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Adobe Spark Page is a free online webpage builder. This particular tool doesn’t require any coding or design skills and you can create a stunning webpage in minutes. You can choose from a variety of professional layouts and add videos, pictures, and text to create polished webpages that can easily be shared with the world.

Why? Adobe Spark Page is an excellent tool for creating basic webpages. Using Adobe Spark Page, as a teacher or a student, allows users to combine images, videos, text, and animations to create professional-looking websites.  Similarly, Adobe Spark Page is extremely simple and intuitive, making creating a new design quick and easy. Teachers could use Adobe Spark Page to create a classroom website, a weekly/monthly newsletter, or engaging lesson materials. Students could use Adobe Spark Page to complete research projects, showcase learning, or learn basic web design principles.  Ultimately, using Adobe Spark Page in the classroom is a great way to teach technological skills, engage students, and create interactive learning materials.    

Tags: ISTE Educator Standard 3: Citizen, ISTE Educator Standard 5: Designer, ISTE Educator Standard 6: Facilitator, ISTE Student Standard 1: Empowered Learner,ISTE Student Standard 3: Knowledge Constructor, ISTE Student Standard 4: Innovative Designer,  ISTE Student Standard 6: Creative Communicator, SAMR – Modification

This tool is especially great for: 6th grade and up, all subject areas

Necessary Knowledge: Before completing this badge, you should know, or have completed the following badge(s):

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Additional Links and Resources:

Adobe Spark Tutorial

Example Adobe Spark Projects for Education

Task to complete:

Option A – You Create Something

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account with your Google single sign-on, or log in using your account credentials.
  3. Create an Adobe Spark Page that you’ll use as a classroom website, newsletter, or future lesson material.
  4. Share the webpage with parents/students via the created shareable link.


Option B – Your Students Create Something

  1. Students should navigate to
  2. Teach your students how to use Adobe Spark Page.
  3. Have your students can create an Adobe Spark Page to share their learning. Try having them make a Spark Page as a research project, classroom activity, personal profile, or digital story. 
  4. Your students must share their Spark Page with you, via the shareable link that’s created when the page is published. You will submit a student’s shareable link to earn your badge.


Evidence to submit:

  1. Submit the page’s shareable link to the evidence submission bank.


Pitfalls to avoid: Adobe Spark Page can only create one scrolling webpage per design.  It is not a comprehensive website builder.  Therefore, this particular tool should be used for smaller web-based products and projects.

  • Have students create their own website as an option for presenting a project, completing a research paper, or telling a story.
  • Use an Adobe Spark Page to create monthly newsletter to update parents and colleagues about what’s happening in your classroom.
  • Use Spark Page to teach students about web design principles, aesthetics, and visual elements.

For more ideas, check out this downloadable comprehensive PDF guide on using Adobe Spark as an educator: Spark EDU Guide.