Flipgrid Ambassador

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Flipgrid is an online discussion platform that allows users to submit audio/video responses to topics. Becoming a Flipgrid Ambassador represents the highest level of commitment to student voice in the classroom. This achievement distinguishes you as a trailblazer, an innovator, and a champion of social learning for students everywhere. 

Why? Flipgrid Ambassadors represent the Flipgrid community.  They set the standard in amplifying student voice and they showcase the potential of Flipgrid in the classroom.  Educators with this recognition identity new and innovative ways Flipgrid can be used and regularly share feedback and ideas with others.  Ultimately, these ambassadors help ensure Flipgrid continues to reflect the needs of the global social learning community and they’re among some of the most inspiring educators on the planet!

Goal: Learning this skill and earning this certification will enable educators to engage learners in multimodal classroom discussion and encourage students to share ideas, collaborate with others, and develop a voice.

Tags: ISTE Educator Standard 2: Leader, ISTE Educator Standard 4: Collaborator, ISTE Educator Standard 6: Facilitator, ISTE Student Standard 1: Empowered Learner, ISTE Student Standard 7: Global Collaborator, SAMR – Modification

This tool is especially great for: K-12, all content areas

Necessary Knowledge: Before completing this badge, you should know, or have completed the following badge(s):

Follow these directions to become a Flipgrid Ambassador:

Become a Flipgrid Ambassador

Additional Links and Resources:

Become Flipgrid Certified-Level 1

Become Flipgrid Certified-Level 2

Task to complete:

(Adopted from Flipgrid’s Ambassador Program)

1. Earn your Level 1 and Level 2 Flipgrid Certified Educator badges.

2. Submit a video application on our Ambassador grid. In your response, be sure to include:

  • Your full name and location
  • Your role
  • How long you’ve been using Flipgrid
  • How you’ve used Flipgrid and the impact

Flipgrid reviews applications periodically and will follow up when they form a new class. Once you are invited to join, Flipgrid asks that you participate in the community by sharing ideas and helping your peers. They also ask that you maintain an open line of communication with the Flipgrid team so they we can ensure that Flipgrid always exceeds expectations. Those are the only two requirements!

Evidence to submit:

  1. Submit the shareable link to a Google Doc or Office 365 document that contains a screenshot of your Flipgrid Ambassador cohort invitation, sent to you via email.  Insert the screenshot the appropriate document and adjust the document’s sharing permissions so that anyone with the link can view it.


Pitfalls to avoid: Make sure you submit all of the required evidence to certified@flipgrid.com first.  Since this is a  external certification outside of the Edge • U platform, you’ll need to receive the ambassador invitation from Flipgrid first, before you can submit any evidence to earn your Edge • U badge for this quest.

  • Now that you’ve mastered Flipgrid, try become an ambassador for other digital tools like Read & Write or Seesaw.